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We provide a comprehensive service to our clients in difficulty and offer solutions for their recovery either through restructuring outside of insolvency proceedings, a structured sale always seeking to generate value, or assisting them in the respective legal proceedings.


We advise debtors, creditors, investors, shareholders and debtors’ administrators in the defense of their interests.


Our guidance is based on multiple points of view, and we bring years of experience working with administrative authorities, insolvency judges, financial institutions and third parties.

  • Risk analysis.


  • Presentation of alternatives prior to a judicial proceeding.


  • Advising on the negotiation of private debt restructuring agreements.


  • Supporting on acquisition and sale of companies in crisis.


  • Advise on private reorganizations and liquidations.


  • Supporting in the process of judicial validation of extrajudicial agreements.


  • Advise and representation in legal proceedings:


- Business Reorganization Process

- Small Business Insolvency Proceedings (Decree 772 of 2020)

- Judicial Liquidation Processes

  • Advising on Extraordinary Rescue and Recovery Mechanisms (Decree 560 of 2020)


  • Advising on Insolvency Processes of financial entities, cooperatives, and companies in health sector and public services.


  • Advising and representation in revocation and simulation actions.

Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
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