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We have a mining and energy sector-specific bank of experience and provide regulatory and corporate advice throughout the cycle. We help local and international investors with operations in the country to comply with mining and environmental regulations.


We secure the rights of our clients not only to safeguard property and vested interests, but also to secure projects development that are long-term capital intensive.


Our deep-rooted mining and oil and gas industry knowledge in the exploration and development of deposits allow us to operate at high level of skill in terms of the quality and delivery of advice that we provide. We identify real issues that might be missed by those without such deep sector knowledge.

  • Advising on application and approval process for the execution of mining concession contracts, and other requests and procedures through the Integral Mining Management System (SIGM) – AnnA MINERÍA.


  • Advising, support and structuring of transactions which involved mining and environmental due diligence processes.


  • Advising on structuring, negotiation and drafting of mining joint ventures, mining acquisition agreements, royalty agreements, product offtake agreements, operating agreements, project financing agreements, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts (EPC), and mining services contracts.


  • Advising on structuring, negotiating and drafting of Operating Contracts for Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) and Mining Formalization Subcontracts.


  • Advising on the due diligence process for responsible supply chains from conflict-affected ang high-risk areas.


  • Detecting potential risks and devising effective risk management strategies to avoid mining disputes and minimize their exposure to litigation.


  • Advising and representation in any mining related dispute at every stage of arbitration or litigation and enforcement in Colombian Courts at all levels, and before government agencies.

  • Advising, support and structuring of M&A transactions which involved due diligence processes.


  • Advising on structuring and development of renewable energy generation projects.  


  • Advising and support in the development of Exploration and Production Contracts (E&P), Technical Evaluation Agreements (TEA), joint ventures, joint operating agreements, transportation contracts, and operation and maintenance contracts.

  • Advising on granting and compliance with environmental management and control instruments applicable to the type of project (concessions, permits, registrations and authorizations for the use and exploitation of natural resources, and environmental licenses and environmental management plans for construction and operation of projects).

Conflictos societarios
  • Resolución efectiva de conflictos societarios a través de la implementación de diferentes estrategias incluidas el ejercicio de acciones judiciales por abuso del derecho de voto, responsabilidad de administradores, ejecución específica de acuerdos de accionistas, impugnación de decisiones sociales, entre otros.

Mining and Energy Law
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