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We believe respect for human rights should be a cornerstone of any company, regardless of size or sector. We collaborate with companies in their role to fulfill this responsibility and implement due diligence processes throughout their operations and supply chains to create value in their operations, products and services.


We advise our clients on the adoption of a human rights policy and the measures to address the risks that arise in this matter and implement a global standard of conduct in all stages of the business to achieve corporate objectives in line with the environmental, governance and sustainability objectives.


We share a vision of creation of business value and social value and understand that doing business responsibly and working to uphold human rights contributes to achieve the company's objectives and to generate a fairer and more sustainable environment that guarantees a positive social and environmental impact.

  • Analysis to identify, assess and manage human rights risks and impacts associated to operations, products and services.


  • Advising on formulation of human rights policies.


  • Advising on drafting of protocols and codes of conduct for preventing human rights violations by business conducts.


  • Due diligence in human rights and compliance processes.


  • Advising on gender issues and gender impact assessment.


  • Training and capacity building programs on human rights and gender.

Business and Human Rights
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