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We advise on daily needs related to corporate and commercial activities of local and international investors with operations in the country. 

Our broad experience in management and resolution of corporate conflicts allows us to take the necessary actions to effectively prevent and resolve controversies of our clients.


In operations of massive collection of money from the public without legal authorization through legally sophisticated mechanisms and high technological complexity, we advise in investors’ rights protection.

  • Advising on the design of statutory structures and shareholders’ agreements.

  • Advising on the negotiation of share purchase agreements and purchase and sale of assets.


  • Supporting and representation of investors in shareholders meetings.


  • Supporting of directors to administrators in board meetings.


  • Advising on corporate operations (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, transformations) and on obtaining permits and authorizations from competent authorities.

Commercial Contracting
  • Advising on structuring of business operations and preliminary agreements (letter of intent (LOI), memorandum of understanding (MOU), term sheet, and expression of interest (EOI)


  • Advising on the negotiation and structuring of commercial contracts and instruments to raise capital.

Prevention of Illegal Collection of Money
  • Advising on eventual operations of unauthorized collection of money from the public. 


  • Supporting and representation in administrative investigations for possible events of illegal collection of money from the public.

Corporate Conflicts
  • Effective resolution of corporate conflicts through implementation of diverse strategies included the exercise of legal actions for abuse of the right to vote, responsibility of administrators, specific execution of shareholder agreements, challenging company decisions, among others.

Corporate Law
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