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We have broad experience in advising on the design and implementation of comprehensive regulatory compliance programs in accordance with Colombian regulations and with the highest international standards.


We advise clients in a wide range of sectors in order to prevent legal, environmental, social and governance risks, improve internal control, reduce the probability of non-compliance, and react to situations that generate legal, operational, reputational and contagion contingencies.


We provide advice by professionals with deep knowledge and expertise of highly regulated industries, who have a business vision and deliver better risk assessments for effective decision making.

  • Analysis to identify, assess and manage legal risks arising out of the company’s operation.


  • Advising on the formulation of programs, policies and compliance procedures.


  • Advising on the design and implementation of best corporate governance practices, business conduct codes, and ethics and transparency codes.


  • Advising on the design and implementation of System of Self-Control and Risk Management of Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction ML/FT/PWMD (SAGRILAFT)


  • Advising on environmental issues and Environmental Risk Management (ERM)


  • Analysis to identify, assess and manage human rights risks and impacts, formulation of policies, and development of protocols and codes of conduct for preventing human rights violations.


  • Assessment and improvement of corporate governance systems and programs, systems and compliance controls for fraud prevention and anti-corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism.


  • Advising before competent authorities in relation to compliance with fraud, corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism risk prevention programs.


  • Review of commercial and labor contracts, and design of compliance clauses to minimize risks.


  • Training and capacity building programs in ethics, risk and compliance.

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